360integrate specializes in developing integrated marketing campaigns. Our favorite definition of integrated marketing is defined as: Customer centric, data driven method of communicating with the customers. IMC is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and sources within a company into a seamless program that maximizes the impact on consumers and other end users at a minimal cost. – Clow, Kenneth E.; Baack, Donald

Customer centric advertising planning is both art and science. It starts with identifying a target profile of your customer base and identifying the appropriate communication tools to reach them based on their media preferences and an appropriate advertising budget for your business. At 360integrate we firm believers the creative message should resonate with the target audience. We also believe in compelling offers, calls to action, and developing a sense of urgency in all communication to create actions from your customers.

Our specialties include:
Developing advertising budgets
Identifying in depth customer target profiles
Developing creative that resonates with the target audience
Identifying efficient advertising channels
Negotiating advertising placements – cable, digital (display, rich, social), print, radio, television
Planning and executing search engine marketing campaigns on Bing, Google, Yahoo, YouTube
Sales promotion